Arthouses: Arnold & de Froment at the Lower Promonade Shelter

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Lower Promenade Shelter, Whitley Bay
Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September, 6 – 9pm

Arnold and de Froment have a long history of collaborating as both artists and organisers, graduating from Newcastle University with a shared interest in people, places and environments. Exploring the immediate surroundings of the often overlooked lower promenade shelter on Whitley Bay seafront, Arnold and de Froment have been keeping wide eyes and open minds to create delicate and ephemeral work which draws attention to this historically-rich seaside refuge.

Louise and I have been visiting the Lower Prom Shelter on Whitley Bay seafront over the past few weeks, testing out ideas and just enjoying being by the sea! Arthouses invited us to make new work for the space and we’re very much looking forward to the opening of the whole event on Saturday 1st September.

With the shelter closed off by thick railings and locked gates, we’ve been working with the pillars which can be seen from the promenade. Noticing the incredible number of different textures in the space, and our shared love of drawing, we’ve been working on some embossed paper pieces. Over the coming weeks we’ll be exploring lighting and making under-drawings before creating the final works shortly…

We look forward to seeing you in September!


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