25sg: the Attic and the Living Room

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Work at 25sg has progressed slowly but surely, giving me time to reflect and push forward at a clam and thoughtful pace. Carole and I have now agreed a date for the opening…. Saturday 25th August 2012, 10.30am – 12.30pm and it would be lovely to see you there!

As time has passed between creating the work and the planned exhibition date, it’s been wonderful to see the metals change as the light changes, both on a surface level and in their very materiality. Together, copper and silver seem to have created a little conversation. One hidden, an illusion waiting to be found and offering rewards of changing greens, silver, gold, pearlescent pinks. The other asking to be sat with, still and calm, to watch the light dance on the chimney bricks; spotlit.

I feel like a child, playing with jewels held up to the light!

As ever, I’ve found photographing the work difficult if not impossible. And so, through much appreciated conversations, it’s been good to find strength in the memory that these works were always intended to be lived with, to be experienced. Re-reading some of my university notebooks recently I found some quotes I remember holding in mind during my final year and they have raised their elegant heads once more to guide me….

I don’t like the work to be lit differently from the space you’re standing in. It’s not theatrical in that the audience isn’t in a different space from the work. I struggle hard to keep the work in the same place as the viewer.” Jessica Stockholder

If I can see it, can it exist? And if it exists, what is it we are looking at?” Richard Artschwager

To make something which looks like itself is, therefore, the problem, the solution.” Richard Tuttle.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 25th August at 25 Stratford Grove, Heaton!


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