BAG Art Camp (Days 7 & 8)

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Wednesday morning was spent discussing the question “How to measure the success of paid projects?” under the themes “art as service” and “how to be paid” amongst a small group of us with a common interest in how art and artists can make a living from their practice outside of sales etc. but by offering art as a service to non-artists and institutions/organisations. It was great to discuss the different approaches we encounter or operate through in different countries, particularly considering the formalised approaches we take for granted in the UK compared to others who are having to self-define. We also discussed what the benefits are of this kind of practice and how can we explain to others the impact of what we do; the “go public step” and associated ethical issues; and, of course,….what is quality?! Good to find and hear diverse and imaginative approaches to all these questions and to take a step back and listen!

We are also creating a zine while we’re here on two topics: self-organized practice and domestic residencies/low funded projects, which will be distributed here in Bergen at Saturday’s open event – planning for this took place on Wednesday with details to be announced shortly – as well as in our home countries. Watch this space for images of the zines, as well as for more info on our discussion about domestic residencies (which we have planned for Thursday)….

Follow this with 1 part badge making, 0.5 parts blogging, 1 part drawing and 2 parts walking through a sunny Bergen to dinner at an artists’ apartment (overlooking the harbour is optional but recommended) and you have a recipe for an excellent couple of days!! NB: Try to avoid the accidental addition of the fire alarm going off (especially if your studio is situated in a working harbour) as it can delay the preparation of your dish by some time but a careful re-balancing can be achieved by adding 5 parts humour, 4 parts games, 16 folk and 1 artist’s daughter (roughly aged six), which this cook suggests can only add to the taste of fun in this particular dish.


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  1. Interesting post. Nice pics. In terms of living, making a living, & being an artist, I think it’s a question of what you are, & aren’t, prepared to compromise. If we compromise our practice, in order to earn a living from it, we (a) are likely to be living close to minimum wage, and (b) are unlikely to be able to make the work we really want to make. If we compromise something else, like some of our time, & do something else to make a living, something that we also enjoy & are skilled at, at least the time left over is ours, truly ours, to do as (practice as) we please, without the pressure to make a living from it.

    No cost, low cost, high cost; it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the requirements of the work, & our ability to resource it at any given point in time.

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