BAG Art Camp (Days 3 & 4)


Today is a very short post to pass on links to the artists and artist-run groups, galleries and studios we have heard from and visited in the past few days. It has been a brilliant insight into the artist-run spaces in Bergen and the breadth of artist-led practices here. Norway has an incredible amount of funding available to artists, which certainly helps, but is not always relied upon by everyone we heard from.

It was interesting to hear from Katrine Meisfjord that socially-engaged arts practice is not well established here yet and there was much discussion about ‘filling the gaps’ for artists between art school and the larger institutions & professional practice. I feel I’ve seen this done in many different, all be it sometimes subtle, ways. There seems to be a large focus on establishing studio collectives and gallery spaces, and I get the sense there is an incredibly supportive and connected arts scene here. At times I feel there are many similarities to Newcastle (although with much higher living costs!)…

Here is a list of the artists that gave presentations:

Magnhild Øen Nordahl
Katrine Meisfjord (look for Katrine from the list of artists)
Morten Kvamme
Visits to:

An exhibition on Nordnes (in an artist’s studio-come-gallery)




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