BAG Art Camp (Days 1 & 2)

I am sat in a studio in Bergen overlooking a working harbour, crammed with containers, nestled gently between the sea and the mountains. Typical Norwegian houses flow down the seven mountainsides surrounding the city as they weave between the rocks and tress. All that is missing from this beautiful landscape are the waterfalls of the fjords North of Bergen…

Welcome to Bergen Ateliergruppe!

A little about BAG The four founding members of BAG started with a wooden framed box, covered in see-through plastic on a square in central Bergen to welcome artists and public to sit down with them. Once an empty floor within the harbour building was found, renovated and established, it expanded dramatically to include 15 studios, a project space, kitchen and storage area. The artists here share a common purpose; to work together to run the space, share ideas, invite others into the space and ultimately create a long lasting base from which to make art and initiate projects. BAG has also recently become part of the Triangle Network:

The work of Malin Lennstrom-Ortwall, Petra Rahm and Sarah Jorst, our incredible hosts and organisers of the camp, can be found here: (particularly “Maybe I’ll never see you again – a neon work created in Palestine which made it’s own hazardous journey back to Bergen to find a new life); (drawing on family history to create flowing drawings and digital print work); (manipulating found text, paper and books)

The participating artists: and particularly Kunsthall 323

Elida Brenna who is establishing a residency from her family-run farm in the fjords

Krisztina Fazekas-Kielbassa and link to

Gayle Meikle runs Yuck ‘n Yum

Jinhee Park based in London

Gakunju Kaigwa

Irwan Salina and Irwan Ahmett

Tulle Ruth who once exhibited on all seven of Bergen’s mountains

Alex de Silva who also runs Zero Point Art

Sara Kahn

Basha Ralhrub and particularly

Unfortunately, my computer has broken so this blog is a little short as I borrow my roommate’s laptop! I’ll add some more links to artists from Bergen soon, and hopefully expand a little more on the past few days as I find more time over the weekend….


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